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Junior's Information

Cudgen Headland SLSC Nippers

The Surf Life Savers of Tommorrow


Junior's Information

Cudgen Headland SLSC Nippers

The Surf Life Savers of Tommorrow

Welcome to Cudgen Headland SLSC Nippers 

Thank you for joining us at Cudgen Headland Surf Lifesaving Club.  Junior development within surf lifesaving is a valuable learning opportunity for our children and has its origins in the 1960s. Cudgen’s JAC movement was founded during the Cudgen Headlands SLSC annual general meeting of the 1966-67 season when it was suggested that a nipper club be formed and Jack Julius was elected president on its formation on 30 Oct 1966.

At Cudgen Headland SLSC we have a dedicated team that will train and develop the children, ensuring they have a fun beach experience throughout the season. You are encouraged to assist us with the activities that make this sport and this club great. These activities provide your children with skills they can use throughout their lives. The following information booklet has been prepared to get you started. Do not hesitate to speak to anyone of the Committee members if you have any questions or feedback.


Over time, the JAC Movement has grown and developed along with the changing surf lifesaving culture, changing community attitudes and the changing expectations of members. The one thing that has remained constant is the willingness of members to commit their time to the training and mentoring of our children.  

At Cudgen Headland SLSC Nippers we aim to provide a safe and friendly environment in which to develop your child’s confidence, knowledge and skills in surf awareness, surf skills, lifesaving and teamwork.  

At the same time, Nippers provides an enabling space to forge new friendships, stay fit and healthy, and feel connected to a community with a rich and diverse history of almost 100 years


Nippers Sign On & Registration



Nippers Sign On

Nippers Sign On

What you need to know

Nippers Sign On

Nippers Sign On

What you need to know

Nipper Sign on Dates for 18-19 Season

9th september @ Kingy pool 9am-12noon

16th september @ Kingy pool 9am-12noon

ALL INQUIRIES SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO nippers@cudgenslsc.org.au



You must ensure that you have completed the sign-on process below:

If you are registering a child in the Under 6 - Under 14 age groups this year, the following summarises the registration process. Most of these steps can be performed prior to the sign-on days to speed up the sign-on process.  For renewing members some of the steps below are not required. Please scroll down further for expanded information on each of the steps required.  

Step 1: Complete online registration process at http://sls.com.au/join for new Nippers and Parents
Step 2: Complete SLSNSW Member Protection Declaration form  (only for new adult members or returning members who were not a member of any club last season)  
Step 3: Complete Pool Proficiency swim/float at sign on days at the Kingscliff Community pool


Age groups are determined as at 30th September eg: if you child is 8yrs old on the 30th he/she will go into the Under 9 age group

Children must have turned 5 by 30th September of the joining year to participate.

Birth Certificate Required for all new Juniors

U14 Date of Birth falls between 1st Oct 2004 & 30th Sep 2005

U13 Date of Birth falls between 1st Oct 2005 & 30th Sep 2006

U12 Date of Birth falls between 1st Oct 2006 & 30th Sep 2007

U11 Date of Birth falls between 1st Oct 2007 & 30th Sep 2008

U10 Date of Birth falls between 1st Oct 2008 & 30th Sep 2009

U9 Date of Birth falls between 1st Oct 2009 & 30th Sep 2010

U8 Date of Birth falls between 1st Oct 2010 & 30th Sep 2011

U7 Date of Birth falls between 1st Oct 2011 & 30th Sep 2012

U6 Date of Birth falls between 1st October 2012 & 30th Sept 2013

Fees for the 2018/19 Season:

U6-U7: $100
U8-U14: $150
Nippers Family 3 or more children $350 (does not include parents registration fee)




Every child has a unique Surf Life Saving identity which is used throughout the child's progression through nippers and continues to hold information relating to all surf life saving awards as they progress through the surf Life Saving movement (eg. surf Safety certificate through to bronze medallion, first aid etc). 

To start the process go to http://sls.com.au/join and then click the appropriate links. 



If you should experience any difficulties in renewing or creating a new portal account please email: nippers@cudgenslsc.org.au


NEW MEMBERS: Like any community sporting organisation Nippers is 100% dependent on volunteers. Whilst Committee members and age managers do the bulk of the work parents are often required to help out. For this reason we request all parents to be an Active Associate Member of the Cudgen Headland SLSC to ensure you are covered by insurance should you volunteer your assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Persons who are not members of the club are not permitted to assist with ANY junior activities as you will not have insurance cover and could place the club at risk if you sustain an injury whilst volunteering, which is why we highly recommend both parents become "Active Associate" members.

If you are not sure what to do or how you can help please don’t hesitate to ask. We are always in need of water safety to allow us to conduct water events. If you are interested in becoming qualified as a water safety officer, please see your Age Manager and ask to be included in the next Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) or Bronze Medallion (BM) course.

The online process for joining Cudgen SLSC as an Active Associate Member is the same as for the nippers and is done via http://sls.com.au/join and then click on the appropriate links

 If you do not have the ability to join online please download one of the following

- Active Associate Member Application form (includes insurance - $19) by clicking HERE 


RENEWING MEMBERS - with a PORTAL account simply login at http://portal.sls.com.au from there you can renew you membership, scroll down and sign your declaration (insurance cover by SLSA), check all your details, and pay your fees. 

Note: There is a club list of fees on the payment gateway - please remember to reference your payment. 

If you do not have a portal account as yet please go to http://sls.com.au/join and click on the appropriate links


SLSA has initiated "Family Groups" to allow for bulk management of data and for renewing the membership of all members of a "Family Group" in one transaction. 

A "Family Group" can be created if all members that you wish to join to the group are already existing members of Cudgen Headland SLSC.  The "Primary" member (Mum or Dad) first creates a Portal account then appplies to creat a family group.  Once the group has been approved by the club the primary member can join family members to it.  To start the process go to http://portal.sls.com.au

STEP 2: All New Adult Members must complete

"Volunteer/Student Declaration":

Download from HERE the SLSNSW Member Protection Declaration form 2016, complete it and bring it along on registration day with proof of ID (passport, drivers license).



The Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998, require Surf Life Saving New South Wales (SLSNSW) to ask all new members and volunteers and members renewing their membership after a leave of absence of at least one season, to sign the Volunteer/Student Declaration. 

All new members, and volunteers, over the age of 18 and those members under the age of 18 who work with children (eg: 16yr olds who help train the U/8 Nippers, provide water safety for Nippers, etc) MUST sign the Volunteer / Student Declaration ONCE ONLY. Members under 18 years can have a parent or guardian co-sign.  

It is an offence for prohibited persons to sign this declaration or to apply for or attempt to obtain, undertake or remain in child-related employment in any capacity, whether paid, volunteering or self-employed. The maximum penalty for falsely declaring that you are not a person prohibited from child related employment is 12 months imprisonment, 100 penalty units ($11,000) or both.  

The form must be fully completed, printed and signed and then brought to the club to verify the new members’ identity. Appropriate identifying documentation (Driver’s License, Passport etc) will need to be supplied to, and sighted by a club official when a member initially completes the declaration.  


STEP 3: Pool Proficiency:

If you are registering children you will still need to complete a proficiency swim prior to commencing nippers.

Download the "Pool Proficiency Form" from HERE, print this and have it signed off by a qualified assessor. Also note that this can be filled out during any squad or organised swim session that children may already be attending. You are also able to perform this proficiency swim on the two sign-on days (Sunday 4th-11th Sept) between 9am-12pm however we strongly urge you to have this proficiency done early to speed the process up on the day. 

STEP 4:  On the day

During the nipper sign-on days you will be required to bring the following with you:

  1. Completed pool proficiency form - signed by qualified assessor (refer to the form) and ticked off for the appropriate age group of the child
  2. Proof of identification for child joining nippers (birth certificate, passport etc).
  3. Proof of identification for parent/guardian (refer step 2 above)
  4. A copy of your receipt for payment of joining fees (online joining process can take payments by credit card or you can direct deposit as our EFT details are also show online) 

Active Kids Vouchers: 

To use your Active Kids Voucher against your joining fee please see the registration girls at sign on.


Nippers Training Sessions

Nippers Training

Make friends, be active and enjoy the beach

Nippers Training Sessions

Nippers Training

Make friends, be active and enjoy the beach

Nippers Training Sessions

Cudgen Nippers have the following training sessions available commencing Wednesday 12th September


WEDNESDAY - BOARD TRAINING (Ages U8-U14) 4.30-5.30 pm

FRIDAY - BOARD TRAINING (Ages U8-U14) 4.30-5.30 pm

SATURDAY - IRON MAN TRAINING (Ages U10-U14) 10.30-11.30 am


MON, TUES & THURSTRACK SPRINT TRAINING (Ages U10 – U14) 4.00-5.00 pm

This training is held on the athletics track at Walter Peate Oval, which is located off Murphys Road next to the Cudgen Leagues club in North Kingscliff. The training is delivered by Phil Newton who is a level 4 Australian accredited athletics coach. Participants must where runners (take spikes if they have them), take their own water bottle and towel to stretch on. Parents are to advise Phil upon arrival that they are with Cudgen Headland SLSC and ensure that Phil signs you on to the club register.


Ages U9-U12- 3.30-4.30 pm • Ages U13-U14- 4.30-5.30 pm

This training session is held directly in front of the Cudgen Surf Club and is purely focused on Beach Flags and Beach Sprint start technique (sprint speed, conditioning and technique training is done on the track at Walter Peate Oval with Phil newton). A parent or guardian is required to sign their children on to the training attendance record at the surfclub prior to the session commencing and then sign them off once the session has been completed. Participants must bring their own water bottle and towel to stretch. These sessions will be run by former World and Australian Beach Flags Champion Adam Mills.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON – R&R (Ages U11-U14) 2.30-3.30 pm

Note: Once regular Sunday nipper activities commence this training will be re-scheduled to suits the participants availability)

This training is held directly in front of the Cudgen Surf Club and introduces children to Rescue & Resuscitation events (R&R). R&R is a competition based on the simulated rescue and resuscitation of a patient from the surf using the traditional belt and reel and combines swimming, resuscitation skills, marching and drill with teams judged against set criteria. Competitors are required to perform different roles depending on their position within the team and for 2 person and 5 person Jnr events they are not required to swim.  At the Junior competition level there are two different forms of the event –

  • 2 person (mixed sexes U10 –U11 & U12-U13 )

  • 5 person (mixed for ages U12 –U14)

We are fortunate to have Brook Mison, a former Multiple Australian medalist in R&R, make himself available to deliver this training.  A parent or guardian is required to sign their children on to the training attendance record at the surfclub prior to the session commencing and then sign them off once the session has been completed. Participants do not need any specialist equipment or skills base for this training.



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Typical Nippers Day

A Typical Juniors Day

Fun, Friends and Activities

Typical Nippers Day

A Typical Juniors Day

Fun, Friends and Activities

Your Typical Day at Cudgen Headland Nippers

jac flags 2.jpg

08:00:   Layout beach for flags, sprint track & water areas
Selection of water areas under guidance of Water Safety Captain
Water Safety Form completed with reference to Patrol Captain
Erect Tents (drink station & marshaling) plus Bar B Q tent
Layout Boards - Foam and fiberglass
Set up Age Group markers
Rake sand for Flags area/s
08:45:  Age Managers, Assistants and Water Safety Meeting
09.00:  Announcements
09:10:  Move Nippers to designated activity areas for role call
11.30:   Complete Activities sign off nippers on the grass area
11.45:   Pack away all equipment – debrief at the Bar B Q


Juniors Office Bearers

Juniors Office Bearers

2018/19 Season

Juniors Office Bearers

Juniors Office Bearers

2018/19 Season



  • Fund Raising Committee: C. Evans, P. Jeffrey, K. Jones, P. Fahey

  • Cudgen Classic Assistants: Christina Arghyros, Matthew Eddy, Gavin Smith, Alisa Tate, Shannon Gray

  • Publicity Team: Alisha Seaton, Elisha Lindsay, Leya Phillips, Alison Hedger

  • Presentation Committee: Amanda Clarke, Lisa Burdekin, Peta Fahy, Shannon Gray

  • Social Committee: Jane Daniel, Pamela Jeffrey, Deb Arghyros

  • Beach Set Up Work Party: D. French, B. Jones, A. Mills, B. Lee, R. Eddy, P. Burdekin

  • Uniform Committee - Whole Club : L. Burdiken, K. McKinnon, C. Arghyros


  • If you are interested in assisting the JAC and taking on a position please contact nippers@cudgenslsc.org.au


  • Under 14’s: Doug Warne (Assistants - B. Lee, M. Jones)

  • Under 13’s: Adam Mills (Assistant- M. Taylor)

  • Under 12’s: Darren French (Assistant- R. Eddy)

  • Under 11’s: Marty Fairweather (Assistant- M. Cupitt)

  • Under 10’s: Carston Loemker (Assistant - C. Argyhros)

  • Under 9’s: Adam Pool (Assistant - V. Roseverne)

  • Under 8’s: Daniel Seaton

  • Under 7’s: Shane Berryman

  • Under 6's:


A History of Cudgen Headland SLSC Juniors

Cudgen Headland SLSC Juniors

A brief history

A History of Cudgen Headland SLSC Juniors

Cudgen Headland SLSC Juniors

A brief history

The History of Cudgen Headland SLSC Juniors


This short report has been compiled by club historian Keith Kennedy titled, from his book "Cudgen Headland SLSC 85 Years of Service 1922 – 2006".

Cudgen Headland Juniors -

The suggestion of forming a 'Nipper Club' at Cudgen was first mentioned at the 1966/67 Annual Meeting. Just a couple of meetings later the Junior Club was formed in 1966 accommodating age groups from under 8's to under 13's. Jack Julius was the first elected Junior President and the Kingscliff Lady Lions Club presented each of the members with a competition cap.

Neighboring Clubs at Tweed Heads & Coolangatta and Ballina followed forming Junior Clubs and on the 8th January 1967 a carnival for Nippers was held in conjunction with the Senior Carnival at Kingscliff.

By the end of that season several other clubs on the Far North Coast and in South East Queensland followed the lead and began forming in the next couple of seasons.

The Far North Coast Branch was formed in the season of 1967/68 with Noel Bulmer as founding President. Through Noel's leadership the Nippers competed in several carnivals at Palm Beach, Byron Bay, Broadbeach and Kingscliff. Membership was growing and in the 1967/68 season Cudgen Juniors had 125 members. T shirts were ordered and made available for $1.00.

Our Junior Club flourished as did Nippers throughout the Country. In 1973/74 a National Affiliation called the National Junior Association of Surf Life Saving was formed. Minutes from that meeting indicate, "During the 1960's responsible club officials in the various States decided to gather boys together and mould them into an organized club within their respective clubs with emphasis being placed on activities associated with Surf Life Saving".

The Junior Surf Clubs soon became very popular and the methods and activities rapidly spread throughout Australia, resulting in the formation of Branches and in turn, State Organisations.

Our Junior Club has remained strong for 44 years. We now have generations of families that have attended Cudgen Nippers going on to patrol ours and other beaches as surf life savers.

Tracking our history through the Annual Reports compiled each season by the Junior President, a number of things quickly stand out, notably how proud each of the committees have been of the children and their achievements. These Junior Club reports have been received from 1968 onwards and I would like to highlight some quotes;

1969 – 70 "The juvenile section of our club continued to function with top class efficiency due to the enthusiasm of officials controlling them. Many hours of beach work and coaching has paid its dividends and all youngsters and those responsible were to be congratulated for their efforts."

1970 – 70 "The season started with a record number of nippers attending the beach for weekly competition - the nipperettes also had a carnival at Cabarita."

1971 – 72 "The season saw the inaugural NSW v QLD junior competition take place."

1972 – 73 "Enrolment for the season totaled 87 boys. The foam nipper boards were introduced to carnivals this season."

1973 – 74 "There was an increase in membership. Through the generosity of various organisations and the public a purchase of six coolite boards was made."

1974 – 75 "Membership rose to 144 with good attendance on Sundays."

1975 – 76 "With membership of 105 everything augered well for a successful season. A small team travelled to Bondi for the State Carnival."

1976 – 77 "Champions were: Sub Junior Brett Jones, Junior Simon Winkler, Senior Murray Fitzpatrick, Clubman Steve Spence."

1977 – 78 "The clubs greatest regret is that there isn't a swimming pool at Kingscliff."

1978 – 79 "The club registered 73, slightly down."

1979 – 80 "... with the Kingscliff pool opened, boys who could not previously swim entered water events and came home strongly."

1980 – 81 "The National Junior Award of Surf Life Saving was introduced in 1980. It was a graduated learning process from 7 years to 13 years to gain the Qualification Certificate SLS."

1981 – 82 "It was to be a particularly busy season with the hosting of the NSW Titles... the first in the Far North Coast Branch... more than 3000 youngsters invaded the Kingscliff Beach."

1982 – 83 "The Kingscliff Lions Club took over the running of the Hotel raffles for the junior club which enabled it to be in a sound financial position at the end of the season. The club continued to dominate FNC carnivals."

1983 – 84 "Tweed Shire Council approved the extensions to the clubhouse to accommodate the junior club. However the Public Works Dept refused the application because the site was covered by the Coastal Protection Act. They said by relocating the dormitories and squash courts it would allow the existing building to accommodate the junior members. This of course was not an option."

1984 – 85 "The Country Titles were held at Warrilla-Barrack Point and the team came home with quite a lot of medals."

1985 – 86 "At the AGM Joyce Buchanan stood down as Treasurer after occupying that position for twelve seasons. Life membership of the Junior Club was conferred on Joyce and Eddie (Junior President for many years) Buchanan for their many years of service. Amalgamation of the Junior and Senior Club this season was still a debated question. There was nothing to stop this on a club basis with 50% of NSW clubs having done so."

1986 – 87 "With a membership of 152 and an energetic workforce of parents and instructors everything augered well for a great season. National Award Certificates for the previous season were distributed and pool swims for the 'S' Badge conducted. During the season, 71 juniors gained Surf Life Saving Awards."

1987 – 88 "Membership for the season was 86. The club made the trip to Shellharbour for the Country Titles and finished 3rd..."

1988 – 89 "The Branch Titles were hosted by Kingscliff where the club performed well.."

1989 – 90 "...the name change to Board of Junior Activity from Nippers was made nationally."

1990 – 91 "Membership was high with 104...attendance at the Dance Club at Kingscliff High School absorbed a lot of junior attendance on Sunday mornings."

1991 – 92 "Capitation fees were introduced by Branch...set at $8 per member."

1992 – 93 "Kingscliff Lions made a donation of $2000 (this was an ongoing generous donation) towards travel..."

1993 – 94 "Memberships declined to 75... financial support continued from the Lions and Kingscliff Hotel."

1994 – 95 "Club membership numbered 120."

1995 – 96 "Again the Tweed Banana Festival was used as a means of promoting with a colorful float. Membership increased to 180. A record number of 9 were selected in the Branch Team."

1996 – 1997 "The State Titles were held on 22-23 February... the crowd was estimated at 8,000 with 3,300 competitors."

Cudgen Headland Junior Activity Group 1997

Cudgen Headland Junior Activity Group 1997

1997 – 98 "...in May the club officially changed its name to Cudgen. The inaugural Kingscliff Classic was held as part of the Kingscliff Main Street Festival on the 25th October." The Cudgen Classic was organised by a small band of workers lead by Lyndel Small, Bill & Vogue Aitken and Ken King.

1998 – 99 "The second Cudgen Classic attracted 200 starters... The senior club commenced the conversion of the squash courts which gave us space on the ground floor for storage..."

1999 – 00 "...Cudgen Classic boasted prizes to the value of $10,000. Club membership numbered 112."

2000 – 01 "The team was returning home when the board rack snapped on the equipment trailer and the weight of all the gear forced the back doors open, spilling all the gear onto the road. This was unknown until a car flagged the bus down. After back tracking for half and hour searching both sides of the road, some of the boards were found. Unfortunately the large brand new tent worth $4000 was nowhere to be found... the club continued to compete using borrowed equipment."

2001 – 02 "Bill Julius became the 14th person to lead the club and followed in the footsteps of his father Jack who was the inaugural president. ...membership reached a record 179. Capitation fees had risen to $25 which was a big strain on finances."

2002 – 03 "...the club dominated the Branch Championships... The club placed 1st in the country point score."

2003 – 04 "...the Cudgen Classic, skillfully organised by Andrew Illingworth attracted record entries with 'Infront boards' from Shane McIntosh again the principal sponsor. Whilst the club has long been champion in beach based events this season it was proving just as unstoppable in the water. The club retained the Country pointscore."

jac medals.jpg

2004 – 05 "146 members, the Cudgen Classic now in its ninth year attracted more than 300 competitors from NSW and QLD. Marikki Watego.... named as the NSW Junior Female Lifesaver of the Year.

2005 – 06 "The Country Championships were conducted at Woolgoolga... A squad of fifteen contested the State Titles at Cronulla. Another former Cudgen Nipper Steve Spence takes over as president from Bill Julius.

2006 – 07 "Cudgen Juniors take delivery of the best 'Nipper Trailer' on the FNC.

2007 – 08 "...record numbers in the younger age groups, under 6 and under 7's.

2008 – 09 "...major reconstruction of the club including the Nipper room and canteen. Record number of junior members. Andrew 'Mr Classic' Illingworth hands over the Cudgen Classic after another successful event. Renovations are complete. Kaitlin Smith wins the NSW State Junior Female of the year.

2009 -10 "With renovations a distant memory the new facility is put to the test at the Cudgen Classic headed by Stuart O'Neill and Peter Gyory in perfect conditions. Cudgen Headland will host the 2010 – 2011 State Titles."

I hope you enjoyed reading a little of the Juniors journey