2018/2019 YEAR

Notice is hereby given twenty-one days in advance, in accordance with the constitution (2014ver1.5), to the members of the Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club Limited of the date for the 2018 Annual General Meeting, and the election of the Board of Directors for the 2018/19 season.

DATE:                                    Sunday 21ST October 2018

TIME:                                    11.30am

LOCATION:                         Cudgen Headland Club rooms

INVITATION TO:               All members of the Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club Limited

VOTING:                              Only fully paid 2018/2019 members may vote.


1.       Welcome

2.       Apologies

3.       Meeting procedures

a.       Voting rights

b.       Notification of meeting

c.       Audited reports availability

d.       Appointment of returning officer

e.       Appointment of Chairman for Elections

4.       Adoption of minutes of previous AGM

5.       Presidents Report

6.       Receipt and adoption of the Annual Report for 2017/2018, including Director reports

7.       Receipt and adoption of the Audited Financial Statements for 2017/2018

8.       Board to stand out – Chairman appointed proceeds to conduction elections

9.       Election of the Board of Directors for the positions of:

a.       President

b.       Director of Surf Life Saving

c.       Director of Finance

d.       Director of Administration and Board Secretary

e.       Director of Junior Activities

f.        Director of Surf Sports

g.       Director of Member Development

h.       Director of Clubhouse

i.         Director of Sponsorship and Marketing

 10.   Ancillary Appointments

a.       Independent Chairperson

b.       Club Registrar

c.       Minutes Secretary to the Board

 11.   Election for positions on Committees

a.       Life Membership Committee

b.       Finance and Compliance Committee


Newly elected President takes over Chairperson’s role

 12.   Motions to be approved by meeting

a.       Motion to Appoint the Auditor for the financial year 2018/19

b.       Motion to maintain affiliation with SLFNC Branch and SLSNSW

 13.   Ratification of Standing Committees    

a.       Ratification of JAC Standing Committee – Meeting held 11th March 2018

b.       Ratification of Life Saving Standing Committee – Meeting held 17th June 2018

c.       Ratification of Surf Sports Standing Committee – Meeting held 17th June 2018

 14.   Recognition of Affiliated organisations

Cudgen Headland Old Boys Association


  1. The audited financials are available at the club or can be provided via email or post on request (as per the Corporations Legislation Amendment Act 2007) by contacting the Board Secretary at

  2. The 97th Annual printed reports are available at the club in the members lounge or on request from Manager

  3. Any questions relating to the 2017/2018 financial statement shall be in writing and received by the Secretary Manager by 5.00pm on 14th October 2018

  4. Nominations close for all positions 5.00pm Sunday 14th October 2018


  • Audited Financial Statements 2017/18 - Available on request or at the Club

  • Printable version of Notice & Agenda 2017/18- CLICK HERE

  • Nomination Form for Board of Directors, Appointments & Committees 2017/18 - CLICK HERE

  • Duty Statements for Directors Positions & Appointments - CLICK HERE

  • Minutes of the 2017 AGM - CLICK HERE