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Patrol Information

All patrolling members are required to meet their patrol requirements as per the club roster.


Updated September 2019

Patrol times are generally: 9:00 - 1.00, 1.00 - 4:00 and in NSW School Holidays 9:00 - 1.00, 1.00 - 5:00


* Please turn up on time. The time listed on your roster is the time that patrol is on the beach set up including the IRB, so arrive approx 20-30 minutes prior to start.

* All members should share the responsibility of setting up and packing away.

* All members must wear full patrol uniform, patrol cap, patrol DHL shorts. You should also bring sunglasses, hat sunscreen and water. All patrol members must sign on and off with your captain

* You are required to be proficient by the 31st December.
* You are required to be financial by 30th September.

* If you need to leave patrol for any reason you must advise your patrol captain.

Please see the table below for yearly updates to patrol obligation changes or new patrolling methods.

All Patrol inquiries to patrols@cudgenslsc.org.au    

Patrols 2019-20

Below are the patrols and respective captains for the 2019/20 season.  Links to your team and patrol dates can be viewed as a pdf in a new window by clicking the Team Name

If you have not been assigned to a patrol or would like further information about the patrol, please contact Jenny Curnow at patrols@cudgenslsc.org.au

Need a Patrol Sub?  Browse to https://members.sls.com.au and login.  Select Patrols > Patrol Roster, find the patrol you need a Sub for and click  “I need a substitute” .

Need to Make Up a Patrol?   Browse to https://members.sls.com.au and login.  Select Patrols > Patrol Swap, find a patrol that you are able to do and  click  “I can do this” .

new src.jpg

Barracudas                          Susan Eke                  
Crabs                                   Nick Forde     
Dolphins                              Nigel Hughes  
Ducks                                  Mark Haynes              
Flying Fish                          Ty McCartney        
Hammerheads                    John Harbison           
Manta Rays                         Kaitlin Smith               
Mermaids                            Susan Young             
Sea Oysters                        Trevor Tesch  
Pelicans                              Stuart O'Neill  
Prawns                                Tim Regan                
Sea Gulls                             Douglas Fewtrell
Whales                                Stephen Sharp

 Patrols can also be Viewed on the CLUB CALENDAR or on your MEMBER PORTAL ACCOUNT

Full patrol list HERE