2021/22 SURF LIFE SAVING Committee


Email address: lifesaving@cudgenslsc.org.au


Director of Surf Life Saving:  Michael O’Brien
Vice Captain: Stuart O’Neil
Patrol Manager: David Field
Secretary: Vacant                                                     Assistant Secretary:  Vacant
Treasurer:  Jenny Waters                                       Assistant Treasurer: Vacant

Education Officer: Susan Eke
IRB Captain: Gavin Smith                                              Assistant IRB Captains: Sven Loemker, Bede Curnow
Emergency Services Officer: Matt Bell
Gear Stewards: Barry Synot, Phil Klein, Jason Pearson, David Field, Charlie Buchanan
Emergency First Aid Officer: Paul Piccini                    Assistant First Aid Officer: Vilia Hendry
Radio Officer: Nick Forde
Member Protection & Information Officer: Kelly Allen
SLS Registrar: Lyndel Small
Merchandising Officer: Vacant
Publicity Officer: Keith Kennedy
Club Historian: Keith Kennedy
Trauma Officer: Grant Rogers
Honorary Medical Officer: Doug Warne, Grant Rogers
Honorary Solicitor: Vacant
Fundraising Officer: Vacant                                                                 
Information Officer: To Admin assist
Youth Development Officer: Vacant
Car Competition Officer: Jenny Waters                                                                


Building Committee: Peter McNamara (Director Chair) Matt Bell

Building Committee: Peter McNamara (Director Chair) Matt Bell
Car Competition Committee: Jenny Waters
Life Membership Committee: Kim Holdom, Keith Kennedy, Jan Gielis, Jason Pearson
Education Committee: Susan Eke (Chair), Matt Bell, Greg Wood, David Rope, Chris van der Waal
Merchandise Committee:
Gym Committee:
Judiciary: To be formed as required


Geoff Provest MP, Justine Elliot MP